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Prepare your Home for Summer

With a start to the month of February, be ready to face a scorching heat of summer by applying simple design ideas at your home. To help beat the heat in a sustainable way, we’ve rounded up a list of things you can do to keep your home cool. From the simple stuff like window shades to delving a bit further in and tuning-up your house, there are plenty of proven ways to cut the AC out of your summer without sweating.


Here are some tips to keep your home cooler during summer:
Get insulated curtains
Go around the house and drape sheets all over the exterior. These exterior curtains will keep the sun’s heat away from your windows but the breeze will be blowing if you wish to keep the windows open.
Let the air in
Having multiple entry and exit points for cross ventilation also do the job. However, the timing is the key. Keep as many windows and ventilators open as possible during early mornings and late evenings. During this time of the day, the air gets in without all the harsh heat from the sun.
Focus on lights
Replace your ordinary lights wit fluorescent bulbs. Though they cost more than average lights, they provide the light effect that is much cooler and saves electricity.
Color your roof
It’s a good idea to paint the roof of your house white in color, as the color helps in keeping the home cooler. Using lighter colors on the walls, furnishings and furniture helps too.
Plants on windows
While you are leaving windows open, also place some plants on the hedge. Window planters are easy to install and help humidify the dry air circulating inside.
Bamboo blinds
Bamboo performs a good job of blocking heat entering your windows, whether they are installed inside the window or on the exterior of the home. It also adds a style statement in your home interior.
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New neighborhood is pretty awesome

They say the best place to live is amongst the family. We Indians take huge pride and pleasure when we are with family. Even though families drive every one nuts, still rarely people complain of not meeting these family members. Up recently, the trend of nuclear families have risen but so have the investment in nearby neighborhoods. When a person is all set to buy a new home, family is the major factor for his decision. Developers have established the fact that when buyers are opting for decision they look into the matter where there is ample space, rising neighborhood, in the vicinity of well-connected city and work place. However, another major factor is people tend to take up an apartment where they are near about their relatives and friends. Probably this is the reason why referral schemes work in some proportion. As and then people talk a lot. They talk about new project, new apartment style, moving from 1 BHK to 2 BHK, Aksha Group etc. But what if nature starts speaking to you, your own house tells you the little secret. AkshaVrundavan is the place where there is huge connectivity, set amidst the convenient location and many significant places nearby.

AkshaVrundavan is located in the prime location of Moshi with International Convention Centre nearby, all major schools to walk past by and shopping malls to complement every needed necessary for daily routine. The planning of all the flats, the layout and the amenity space for the society is utilized brilliantly. Premium living and pretty convenient bank loan schemes give another awesome attraction to this project. Moving forward with the Promotion, The head companies that have targeted this project are optimistic and confident. Mantra Vaastu and Aksha Group both feel that AkshaVrundavanis the new upcoming neighborhood to give the ultimate experience to its people living in it and the families. Once again they have excelled at making premium living in affordable housing rates. From Amulyam and Swapnalok, the journey of Aksha Group in making available premium living to budget friendly people is an attempt for working towards the growth and development of the society. Planning AkshaVrundavan is the best project resultant ever occurred by AkshaGroup. The location and the layout is such that all the amenities and convenience that seems way out of budget for people of PCMC are made available. Check out the adept neighborhood in the prime location of Moshi with premium lifestyle and fast growing neighborhood at AkshaVrundavan.

5 Es when buying a house

Explore: When we say explore we don’t mean you set out for a mission or excavate for a new location. Explore means looking out for the best possible choice of your home. When you set your mind to buy a new house you essentially list out your preferences and your wishes. Not all of them, but you certainly expect at least 60% of your preferences. So before finalizing any property carefully have a deep exploration and brief choice comparison.

Experience: When you experience a living you want to imagine how your life will be in the neighborhood. Will your kid have healthy friends and social exposure, will your spouse shop easily without too much trouble, will you be able to travel around easily, everything in all. So when you experience you lay out a mock life ahead in your head when you’re out seeing a house. Let the marketing or sales person paint any picture, the most important thing for you will be how greatly can you fit in your life there?

Evaluate: While all these things are cleared out, the foremost thing that comes to you will be handling and deciding about the finances. If by God’s grace you do get a home like the way you want, the next thing that you want to be extra sure is that the price that you will be paying needs to be worthwhile. So you need to start evaluating all these points. After all you are paying a price for the locality, the space, the amenity and everything you think is remotely needed for living.

Effect: Effect is something that you need to understand gradually. Whatever you do, your every decision will have some positive outcome and some negative outcome. So when you are going to buy a new house all these pros & cons must be well thought and well considered. While you are onto it, all these previous E’s in turn makes your effect a reliable resource to your decision.

Earn: When we say earn, we definitely mean whatever you are planning and willing to earn. You earn yourself a property, an asset and a brand new house. And once you start living in it you are going earn yourself a sweet, contemplating home. Whether it’s a first time buying or an investment choice, earning good returns is most essential point of any real estate property decision you make.