Creative ideas that make home beautiful

When buying a home, many start dreaming of how to decorate their house in the most prominent style. By the time, they get the possession, the reality strikes in and all these dreamy plans are put into a pause mode. Mostly these days, people like remodeling their homes into an ethnic decor or ultra-modern style. While they wonder into the voluminous cost that would be needed to maintain such furnishing and decor, little is known that sometimes modelling a home can be as simple as shopping for a grocery. Many beautiful articles are made from waste materials and damaged materials which cannot be used for their purpose. For e.g.: While playing with plastic spoons, kids often break them involuntarily. Or sometimes it might happen from our side itself. When washing or cleaning we break them. Or sometimes the dab cloth that we use for cleaning also gets damaged. You can create beautiful décor from some waste materials itself.

With the advent of social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, the DIY home decor is taking toll. One can search many new and amazing ideas for making a home a new and cozy place and according to the area of your flat you can design your home. If you have bought a flat in Budget-Friendly neighborhood or if you are having your own 1BHK home you can make your home more inviting with the use of strings, or wool or simply the throw-it-away sacks. With this same idea, Aksha Group designs such an apartment that is design friendly and equally inviting.

Wall hanging is one material that has always been in the household. It may serve as a storage item or simply add to the look and feel of your home. Wall hanging can be made from a waste jute cloth or plastic spoons or simply add any wrapped up cloth in the artistic way to support your idea of décor.

Use of curtains and wall pieces of different style is the new look that will be as simple, easily affordable and give a texture of premium flats to your small apartment. Hang in all the curtains in such a way that it will blend with your furniture and remaining decor.

Repainting your old furniture in a vintage style will give a precious look to your newly acquire 1 and 2BHK flat. If you are not having that artistic bone in your anatomy then simply search of new ideas and simple structure to repaint your old furniture in vintage background.

Likewise with many such simplistic ideas you can create a new style of your home décor that will ascent your homes into a new edge of stylized luxury.

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